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  • A truly international team
  • Ongoing relocation support
  • Family-oriented environment
Introduce Yourself

So who is Wargaming Cyprus?

Wargaming’s Global HQ in Nicosia, Cyprus, is where you’ll find top management and the core leadership team. We're a team of seasoned leaders from both inside and outside of the gaming industry. Converging in Cyprus from the US, Finland, the UK, Belarus, Greece and Korea—we’ve arrived from diverse backgrounds and sets of experiences with the mission to delight our players in the online, social and mobile entertainment space. 

Aphrodite's Island

Cyprus is a strategically located EU member state and a center for international business, which thrives with continual economic growth. With a welcoming, warmhearted culture, Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, advanced infrastructure, cosmopolitan population, reputable education and healthcare system, as well as a safe environment, Cyprus is a dynamic place to live and work for anyone.

Sun, Sea and Sand

Cyprus's mild winters and warm summers make the city a joy to live in, all year round. Beautiful sunshine, picturesque mountains, stunning seas and a number of Blue Flag beaches make the city an easy place to call home.

Live Life to the Fullest

The costs of accommodation, education and healthcare are all extremely reasonable. Compared to other countries (in particular compared with northern European countries) Cyprus benefits from a favorable tax system.

A Vibrant Country

Cyprus boasts a rich history, diverse cuisine, and is within a short flight of many top European destinations, including Tel Aviv or Cairo, for an extended weekend excursion. Today, the majority of people in Cyprus are young, educated, and often fluent in several languages. English is spoken by almost everyone, along with Russian, French, and German. However, knowing a little Greek will get you a long way. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Wargaming HQ is equipped with a full gym setup that helps our employees stay fit and healthy. From personal training to massages, the sauna to kickboxing, and Pilates—we provide all the resources for our team and their families to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Cyprus itself also has a very active community with marathons, biking/running trails and, of course, healthy food options.

What our team thinks

Neil Pettitt

  • Development Director, Global Projects
  • Married
  • London, United Kingdom

“Cyprus is a diverse island with a great climate. It’s easy to get around by car as the roads are so quiet. The local people are very social and welcoming, and family is incredibly important to them, which makes Cyprus feel like a very safe place.”

Matias Myllyrinne

  • Head of Global Development
  • Married, 2 Children
  • Helsinki, Finland

“Cyprus is as hot as the Philippines but not as humid. It’s smaller than London, and I spend fewer days having to dig my car out of the snow like in Finland. It’s family-friendly and great for outdoor activities on the beach or in the mountains.”

Michael Cahill

  • Development Director, Global Art
  • Married, 1 Child
  • Sydney, Australia

“My family are explorers, so the ancient history and archeological sites are amazing to us. Plus, everything is only a couple hours’ drive away at the most. And my daughter has made dozens of friends within a couple of months being here.”

Jerry Prochazka

  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Married
  • Los Angeles, California

“Cyprus is a wonderful Mediterranean island with a rich history, conveniently located to a whole other part of the world worth exploring. You’re just a quick plane ride to many beautiful Greek islands and the Great Pyramids or Jerusalem.”

Thaine Lyman

  • Product Director, World of Tanks PC
  • Married, 3 Children
  • Emeryville, California

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but my family is enjoying the adventure. With how close it is, we’re looking forward to traveling across Europe from our home base here in Cyprus. For most kids, it's an opportunity they could only dream of.”

Ekaterina Dolgova

  • Head of HR, CIS
  • Married, 2 Children
  • Moscow and London

Cyprus is a safe place. Short distances and low traffic—those who lived and drove in Moscow, London or any other big city will understand me! All-in-one—where else can you mountain ski in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon?

See yourself with us?

If Cyprus sounds like a place where you can live and thrive, we’re always on the lookout for ambidextrous leaders that can be both strategic and tactical; who know how to get the best out of businesses, and their products and services, as well as think globally and can truly work and operate in a multicultural organization. 

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